The Global Governance Institute (GGI) invests in your professional development and growth. Advancement is based on merit and on contributions to project work and academic relationships.

The Global Governance Institute (GGI)’s career path includes:


The analyst position is an entry-level role for candidates with research experience who have a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Our analysts work on multiple projects at a time across a number of focus areas.

Senior Analyst

The senior analyst position is a role for candidates with at least 5 years of relevant experience in the related field and/or with a PhD degree. Senior analysts work on projects in the focus area of their expertise.

Associate Experts

The associate expert position is a role for expert with a significant experience in the focus area. The Associate expert provides advice and supports the work of analyst and senior analyst, collaborating to at least one publication per year and relevant projects and conferences.

Directors of Section

The director of section role is usually covered by one senior analyst per focus area. The director of section conduct day-to-day management activities, develop and maintain relationships with section Analyst, Senior Analyst and Associate Experts, identify and define section core research areas, identify and develop fund raising initiatives for section, to include seeking funds via projects.


We also offer internships (unpaid). Interns will be required to find external sponsors to fund their stays in Brussels. Possible sources of funding may include university grants or, for European candidates only, the Lifelong Learning Program’s Erasmus Placement Program and Leonardo Program. A declaration of sponsorship for an external source is normally required, but exceptionally, a statement of self-sponsorship may also be sufficient.