New GGI Commentary: Why jettison Erasmus? The Negative Consequences for the UK of Walking Away

There was certainly a sense of resigned relief across the UK that a ‘no deal’ Brexit was avoided at the last minute with the announcement of a Trade Deal by the Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Christmas Eve. A ‘no deal’ would have imposed tariffs and quotas on imports and exports that would have undoubtedly been crippling for many businesses. It would also have surely eroded the UK’s future relationship with the EU as the UK looks to re-position itself globally over the next decade. While academics and journalists waited to scrutinise the detail of the deal, one thing immediately apparent was that the UK would no longer continue to participate in the Erasmus Plus scheme, the European Union programme for education, training, youth and sport. In 2019 almost a million people across Europe, trained or volunteered abroad in over 100,000 organisations ranging from universities to businesses. From a UK perspective, since 1987, more than 200,000 UK students have benefitted from the scheme studying or working in EU countries. Make no mistake, the omission of Erasmus from the last-minute deal will have major consequences for the UK.


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