Open Source Intelligence Seminar Series, Spring 2016

The Global Governance Institute and i-intelligence are pleased to announce the next edition of their intelligence and cybersecurity seminars in Brussels.

Designed and developed by leading faculty and experts from industry, government and academia, our seminars will provide you with the research, analytic and technical skills you need to advance your career in the coming decade. Specifically, we will show you how to:

  • Improve the quality, accuracy and relevance of your search results
  • Automate the collection of mission or business critical data using free web tools
  • Enhance your critical thinking and analytical skills
  • Produce world class reports and presentations
  • Monitor social media to support strategic and operational decision making
  • Improve your online privacy and security
  • Protect the physical and digital data assets of your organisation
  • Boost your efficiency and productivity in the workplace


Quality Education

Our seminars offer the perfect blend of theory and practice. Participants will be introduced to the concepts and models that inform today’s best practices, and will be given ample time to experiment with the tools, techniques and technologies that are taught. In addition to the course slides, participants will receive a host of supplementary materials including cheat sheets, templates, software tools and additional reading materials to enable self-study.

Professionally Relevant

Our seminars guarantee measurable outcomes. Our curricula are designed around professional standards and best practices. We draw on the experience of the world’s foremost practitioners and use real-world case studies and simulations to help students internalise lessons learned and apply these skills in the workplace.

Cost Effective

We are committed to making instruction in intelligence and cybersecurity as affordable as possible. Our seminars have been competitively priced to help organisations and individuals of all backgrounds acquire and employ a 21st century skillset. Group discounts are available for organisations wishing to send more than one participant. Contact us to find out more.

Who Should Attend

Our seminars are relevant to all professionals, regardless of their background or career ambitions. That said, they have been optimised to support the work of:

  • Diplomatic staff and foreign affairs professionals
  • Law enforcement and intelligence practitioners
  • Defence professionals
  • Researchers, analysts and desk officers
  • Risk managers and consultants
  • Chief information officers
  • Fraud investigators
  • Strategy professionals
  • Journalists
  • Academics and students


Our Spring 2016 seminars will take place on the following dates:


For more information about the material over the three-day seminar, course requirements and fees please check the dedicated brochure HERE.

To register, or for further information, please contact

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