GGI Launches the 2024 Spring Programme on ‘Strategic Communication & Global Information Challenges’

Global Education and Innovation
21 Nov

In a world dominated by  complexities, disinformation, misinformation, and informationmanipulation, rising to the global communication challenge requires more than conventional skills. Analysts, practitioners, educators and policy-makers alike need to acquire a comprehensive set of tools for identifying, evaluating, and tackling the implications of this ever-changing information environment.

The GGI Spring School on Strategic Communication And Global Information Challenges offers a unique and carefully designed programme with an excellent balance of providing comprehensive background knowledge and practical, hands-on skills in the realm of strategic communication in the digital age.The training programme is offered by an outstanding group of leading scholars, senior practitioners and representatives from core global tech companies, such as Corneliu Bjola, Claudia Negri Ribalta, Anneli Kimber Lindwall, Ben O'Loughlin, Camila Mont'Alverne, Joachim Koops, Bruce Mutsvairo, Aayushi Liana Shah, Sophie Vériter, Siobhan Cummiskey, and many more!

If you are interested in gaining up-to-date insights and the practical skills for mastering the manifold challenges and complexities of the digital information and communication environment, then explore the programme and find out more about our themes and speakers here!