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May 2012

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GGI View from Practice: ‘Europe in the World’ by Steven Vanackere

GGI View from Practice: 'Europe in the World: Contemporary Challenges & Opportunities for Improvement' by Steven Vanackere


May 2012

This GGI ‘Views from Practice’ Paper by Belgian’s Deputy Prime Minister and former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Steven Vanackere, provides a comprehensive and frank analysis of five major challenges (organizing the new global governance, improving relations with Europe’s changing neighbourhood, engaging with strategic partners, responding to conflicts and humanitarian crises as well as climate change and resource security); five major foreign policy innovations; and five major options for improvements related to the European Union as a credible and effective actor in a substantially changing Global Governance landscape. The paper addresses the main power shifts as a result of the financial crisis and takes stock of the main foreign policy innovations of the EU’s Lisbon Treaty. In the final section of the paper, Vanackere calls for the following main improvements:

– A permanent EU Military Headquarters for the conduct of EU Civilian/Military Operations

– Abolishing the ‘unanimity rule’ in decision-making procedures related to CFSP and EU Foreign Policy matters

– More permanent forms of EU Representation in the G20, World Bank and IMF (including a permanent representation of the Eurozone in these institutions)

– Strengthening of the European External Action Service (including shared analysis of events and crises as well as ‘smarter’ and more rational cooperation between the 27 diplomatic national services)

This GGI “Views from Practice’ Paper is based on Steven Vanackere’s speech and discussion delivered in the frame-work of the European Peace & Security Studies (EPSS) Practitioners Lecture Series, organized by the Global Governance Institute, Vesalius College and the Institute for European Studies, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB).

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