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December 2013

GGI View from Practice: ‘The EU Foreign Policy of My Dreams’ by Johan Galtung

GGI View from Practice: 'The EU Foreign Policy of My Dreams' by Johan Galtung


December 2013

In this GGI ‘Views from Practice’ Paper, Professor Johan Galtung (principal founder of the field of peace studies) provides a concise and out-of-the-box “wish list”, outlining his 10 recommendations for the future of the European Union’s foreign policy. Professor Galtung commends the EU’s ‘glittering success’ in terms of peaceful integration, but warns about a decline of international presence and impact through wrong-headed policy choices. He argues for a more actively intercultural and more successful EU foreign policy that would share and promote the European experience through a mutual dialogue of civilizations and to foster the establishment of strong regional organizations within a ‘United Regions’ system worldwide. Professor Galtung stresses the need for a dialogue across civilizations, religions and post- colonial dividing lines. In particular, he highlights the lack of understanding between Christianity and Islam. Focusing on his method for mediation, Galtung advocates to promote an inter-religious dialogue based on appreciating each other’s values, historical grievances and future visions. Galtung also focuses on the EU’s relations with core partners (such as Russia, China and African partners) EU Crisis Management and UN Peacekeeping as well as the use of force and the Syria crisis. Finally Galtung emphasizes the need for a more symmetrical approach to EU-African Capacity-Building, including acknowledging and addressing Europe’s colonial and post-colonial wrongdoing.

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