Transatlantic Climate Security Dialogue



On Tuesday 16th June 2015, the Global Governance Institute (GGI) and Third Generation Environmentalism (E3G), with the support of the U.S. Mission to NATO, will organise the high level dialogue on climate security, titled:

Transatlantic Climate Security Dialogue: What does the 2015 climate agreement in Paris mean for EU security policy?

The event will bring together around 30 high level experts from the climate, security and foreign policy community.

The security and defense community has long understood how climate change can be a driver of conflict. However, EU action on integrating this into security and foreign policy has been a challenge and often overshadowed by short term crises. In light of recent security crises and with 2015 a crucial year for political agreement on tackling climate change, this dialogue will focus on the long-term economic and geopolitical implications of a climate agreement in Paris. It will examine what these mean for EU security policy and lessons from US initiatives.

Key questions to be addressed in the discussion include:

·       How is climate risk being integrated into security policy in the US? Why is the US prioritizing climate security?

·       Why does climate change matter for EU defence and security policy? What can Europe learn from US initiatives on climate security?

·       What can we learn from recent security issues such as conflict driving Mediterranean refuges to Europe, the democratic transition and security issues in the MENA region and climate stresses shaping the emergence of Boko Haram in Nigeria?

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