GGI in the Media: Rishko on Zelenskyy's recent trip to Asia, TVP World 3 June 2024

Ukraine Programme
Brussels -
June 2024

GGI's Ukraine Programme Coordinator, Vitalii Rishko, appeared on TVP WORLD on June 3 to discuss President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's recent trip to Asia. During this visit, the Ukrainian President participated in the Shangri-La Dialogue conference and met with several regional leaders and delegations. Rishko highlighted the significance of the upcoming Ukraine Peace Summit in Switzerland, scheduled for mid-June, which will delve into the provisions of the Ukrainian Peace Formula.

A key part of the interview centred on the reasons behind China's non-participation in the Summit and its growing alignment with Russia amidst Sino-American global competition. The interview also explored the importance of President Zelenskyy's visits to various Asian states, particularly the potential for these nations to take a more proactive role in diplomatic initiatives and mediation concerning the war. This could include supporting Ukraine's efforts to secure the release of prisoners of war and Ukrainian children being held in Russia in violation of international law.

The full interview is available here: