Joachim Koops briefs Military Officers from more than 40 countries on Lessons Learned from NATO’s Crisis Management

Peace and Security
4 Mar

GGI Senior Researcher Joachim Koops was invited by the NATO Defence College in Rome on 4th March 2023 for a keynote lecture and a comprehensive seminar on the topic of “Lessons Learned from NATO’s approach to crisis management”. The lecture and seminar were given to military officers and civilians from more than 40 countries as part of the NATO Defence College’s Senior Course on “Contemporary NATO”.

In his lecture, Professor Koops examined the main lessons from NATO’s operations in Kosovo and Afghanistan and evaluated successes and limitations. He placed particular emphasis on NATO’s track-record and future challenges in the field of Protection of Civilians (see his two recent publications on the topic, one in cooperation with the Stimson Center and the International Peace Institute) and lessons for future scenarios related to comprehensive crisis management and Protection of Civilians in urban warfare. Furthermore, he examined NATO’s relations with the European Union and United Nations in the field of peace and security and explored core opportunities and challenges for the future.

Professor Koops’ module was co-taught with Lieutenant-General(Ret.) Hans-Werner Wiermann (former Director General of NATO’s International Military Staff) and both delved more deeply into a variety of topics with the participants during the Q&A session and seminars. 

Photo Credit: NATO Defence College