Eamon Aloyo

Global Justice and Human Rights

Eamon Aloyo is a Non-Resident Senior Fellow in the Global Justice and Human Rights Section. He focuses on a range of issues at the intersection of international relations and political philosophy, such as the responsibility to protect (R2P), mass atrocity prevention, just war theory, human rights, and global justice. Eamon is Assistant Professor in international relations at Leiden University where he teaches in the MAIR program.

In 2011, Eamon received a Ph.D. in political science from the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he was given the Thomas Jefferson Award. His publications appear in Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, Ethics & International Affairs, Global Constitutionalism, Global Responsibility to Protect, Global Society, and International Theory. His work has received support from The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) and George Washington University. Eamon was previously a senior researcher at The Hague Institute for Global Justice and he his affiliated with the European Center for the Responsibility to Protect, and the Canadian Center for the Responsibility to Protect. He has enjoyed teaching courses on human rights, political theory, international relations, comparative politics, just war theory, and environmental politics.

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