Silviu Piros

Managing Director
Global Education and Innovation

Silviu is the Managing Director of the Global Governance Institute in Brussels. He has been working for more than a decade in Brussels and in The Hague with and for think tanks, academic institutions, and organisations from across the EU, Eastern Partnership countries, and the US ,on devising and implementing a wide array of research and education strategies, building institutional capacity in grant acquisition and fundraising, internationalisation, teaching excellence and resilience. In 2018 he co-founded the Global Education and Innovation section of the Institute and has been overseeing the development of new educational formats and the implementation of grants on transnational higher education, adult education, and VET training.

He has taught courses on EU negotiations, EU institutional dimension and functioning mechanisms, Global Ethics, or Research Methods at universities in Belgium (VUB, Vesalius College) and the Netherlands (Leiden University, Erasmus University Rotterdam). He conducts his doctoral research at Leiden University in the Hague, focusing on the education-diplomacy nexus, by evaluating the European Union’s emerging role as a diplomatic actor in global higher education. Silviu has been involved in different capacities with transnational education and research associations such as the Transatlantic Consortium for European Union Studies and Simulations – TACEUSS (Faculty Advisor), the European Consortium for Political Research (Consultant and Chair of the Teaching and Learning Politics Standing Group), the European Conference on Teaching and Learning Politics, International Relations, and European Studies – EuroTLC (Chair).

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