Nicholas Startin

Global Education and Innovation

Dr Nicholas Startin is a non-resident Senior Fellow in the Global Education and Innovation section of the Global Governance Institute. He is an Associate Professor in European Politics and International Affairs at John Cabot University in Rome. He is the former Chair of the University Association of Contemporary European Studies (UACES) and formerly Head of Politics, Languages and International Studies (PoLIS) at the University of Bath.

His research focuses on the impact of Euroscepticism on both domestic and transnational party systems as well as on the influence of the media on the Eurosceptic debate. He also publishes on the Radical Right in Europe. He co-founded the UACES collaborative research network on Euroscepticism, co-edited two special issues on the subject in JCMS and the IPSR, as well as two Routledge edited volumes, including the Handbook of Euroscepticism. In 2020 he was shortlisted for the prestigious IPSA Meisel La Ponce Award for the best article in IPSR between 2015-19 for his article ‘Have we reached a tipping point? The mainstreaming of Euroscepticism in the UK’. He has experience of working with policy makers and stakeholders in the EU and has been a regular invited speaker at major European conferences. He has a media profile on outlets such as the BBC and France24. With a commitment to lifelong learning, he also has former experience of teaching in a secondary school environment

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